Re-building the potential of the Qlik enterprise-class environment at Eltel


Eltel is the leading provider of construction services and maintenance services for the energy and telecommunication infrastructure in Northern Europe. Since 2015, Eltel AB have been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – NASDAQ.

Revenue: EUR 1.2 billion
Employment: 7 200 people
Countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania

Project environment:

Qlik products: QlikView, Qlik Sense, Nprinting Architecture: 6 Qlik servers in 3 independent environments, supporting nearly 1000 users from 7 countries

Challenge/initial state:

Eltel has been using Qlik software as the main BI tool for many years. During this time many analytical applications have been developed in the complex, multi-node QlikView, Qlik Sense and nPrinting environment as part of the company’s key operating activities.

Eventually, support for the environment and particular Qlik applications, provided by the Qlik partners cooperating with Eltel and the internal BI team, became insufficient.

As a result, the potential of the whole Qlik analytical solution became limited, and it was hard to satisfy the changing information needs of nearly 1000 users. The cost efficiency of the whole process did not meet Eltel’s expectations either.

Cooperation with Hogart

In seeking a reliable and experienced partner in the maintenance and development of the Qlik platform, Eltel began cooperating with Hogart in 2017. Hogart’s commitment quickly evolved from small tasks performed by individual consultants to a strategic partnership. It took only a couple of months to build an efficient team of experts comprised of certified consultants, developers, Qlik environment architects and the people responsible for project and account management.

The relationship between Eltel Networks and Hogart is based on a close cooperation, good communication and the partner’s flexibility in relation to the client’s needs. These three qualities helped to develop an effective and efficient project formula to enable both the Agile and more traditional Waterfall methods of work.

We were looking for a partner who could ease the load off our BI team in the implementation of current tasks. At one point, our Qlik experts were not able to deal with the enquiries that were pouring in. When we started working with Hogart, we noticed an improvement in efficiency and speed.  As a result our cooperation evolved rapidly. The company built a dedicated and fully available team of Qlik consultants to support us in recurring BI projects. We are satisfied with the effects of our continuing cooperation - said Irma Jousranta, Head of Business Application Services at Eltel IT.

Scope of Hogart’s involvement

As the key partner in supporting the whole Qlik enterprise infrastructure at Eltel, Hogart is involved in a wide range of BI and BI-related activities, including:

  • Support for the identification of business users’ analytical needs and assistance in demand management
  • Creating new QlikView, Qlik Sense and nPrinting applications, and maintaining, modernising and developing the existing ones. The main applications include control, finance, project management, HR and material management.
  • Migrating QlikView applications to Qlik Sense.
  • Supporting the IFS system update project through adjustment of the Qlik applications to the new versions of the ERP systems.
  • Optimisation and performance tuning of Qlik applications, including the introduction of standards and good design practices.
  • Supporting the management of distributed architecture of the Qlik platform

Benefits for Eltel

Through cooperation with Hogart, Eltel has gained a reliable partner who provides professional, effective and comprehensive support for the Qlik environment, which is an important element of the internal IT infrastructure. The elimination of many of the earlier constraints has brought direct and indirect benefits to Eltel:

  • Changes to the analytical applications are introduced quicker.
  • The necessary data are delivered to the users faster, and the ability to perform is increased.
  • Reduction of costs related to the maintenance of analytical environment.
  • Easing the load off the BI team and management.
  • Increase in the amount of BI information (originating from the Qlik system) that supports business decisions in the organisation.
  • Limitation of the future costs related to the maintenance of the solution through standardisation and tuning of selected applications and the Qlik environment.

Why Hogart?

  • We have one of the biggest and most experienced teams of the Qlik certified consultants, designers, coaches and architects in Central Europe.
  • We offer the best value for money.
  • We understand the importance of successful communication in projects and with clients. All team members speak English fluently, and some even speak German and French.
  • We count on simplicity and flexibility in relation to our clients’ needs.
  • We have wide experience - over the course of 10 years we have carried out hundreds of Qlik implementation projects for over 300 clients, including the biggest international organisations.